TCF Series Chemical by-pass Feeders (Non-ASME)

Thrush Chemical By-Pass Feeders provide a convenient method of introducing treatment chemicals into hot and chilled water, or closed circulating water systems. Thrush offers two sizes in two styles, The TCF Series with inverted head for use as a funnel, 3/4" NPT side drain and the TCFD Series with bottom drain, feet, top polypropylene fill funnel, and bronze funnel valve. Each style is available in 2 or 5 gallons, 200 PSI at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The TCFD Series is also available with optional ASME code rating.

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Item # Model Capacity Working Pressure Working Temperature Weight
320-02 TCF-2 2 gal 200 psi 450 ºF 29 lb
320-05 TCF-5 5 gal 200 psi 450 ºF 48 lb