Stainless Steel Straitube™ Heat Exchangers

Straitube Thrush Heat Exchangers are designed to give greater heat exchange efficiency. Free circulation in the shell and heaters reduces frictional resistance and pressure drop. Headers are removable. Straight 316 S.S. tubes make cleaning easy. No acids or chemicals need be used. This is a decided advantage over other types of heaters in hard water territories. Whether the job is heating domestic water, hot water radiation as a converter, cooling or preheating liquids, Thrush Heat Exchangers will do the job well, do the work economically and efficiently. All stainless steel construction. All models are furnished with ASME and National Board Stamping and certificate. This construction is acceptable in all States having regulations.

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Item # Model Tube Surface Max. Water Pressure Max. Temperature Shipping Weight
6110-1000 1200 4.73 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 65 lb
6111-1000 1500 5.72 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 70 lb
6112-1000 1800 6.97 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 75 lb
6113-1000 2600 9.00 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 82 lb
6114-1000 3200 11.00 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 92 lb
6115-1000 3800 13.20 ft² 125 psig 295 ºF 103.00 lb