Model T18362A
No. of Passes 2
Diameter 18 in
Heat Surface 137 ft²
Shipping Weight 401 lb
Dimensions-A 39 in
Dimensions-B 21 in
Dimensions-C 17 in
Dimensions-D 1.33 in
Dimensions-Y 10.50 in
Dimensions-V 6" NPT
Dimensions-X 8.00 in
Dimensions-Z 3.88 in
Dimensions-U 5" NPT
NOZZLE-F 25.00 in
NOZZLE-G 12.00 in
Thrush manufactures, designs, and engineers a variety of tank heater bundles for single and double wall construction. Diameters available from 4-20” and lengths from 24” to 120”. Carbon steel, copper, Cu/Ni, 304 and 316 stainless steel, and brass materials available. ASME partial data reports available upon request. Most materials in stock for quick delivery.